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So, What’s With the Name Fresh Figs Marketing?

Fresh Figs Marketing

So, What’s With the Name Fresh Figs Marketing?

When I launched Fresh Figs Marketing full-time in late 2013, I received many kind words of congratulations and encouragement, followed by “So, where did the name Fresh Figs come from?” 

The story behind the name reflects the richness, creativity and adventure our clients will experience while working with the Fresh Figs Team. During college, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy. Early on in my adventure, our student group arranged a trip. On a train traveling north from Florence toward Milan, we had our first glimpse of the picturesque countryside. It was also our introduction to a 3rd class Italian train ride! Our final destination was a hostel in a small town on Lake Como named Menaggio. A water taxi took us from the train to a worn yet gorgeous villa, complete with welcoming owners and home-cooked family-style meals. If you have been to Lake Como, you know how the beauty of the area is so overwhelming that at times it does not seem real. Nestled within the Italian Alps, it is one of the best examples of how the Italians have long paid homage to the countryside they inhabit through their exquisite architecture.

Our trip had us exploring the most known areas around the lake – Bellagio and the gardens of Villa Monastero in Varenna. However, through the kindness of a regular guest at the hostel, we were able to see the off-the-beaten-path Lake Como. He escorted us on a hike along long-worn dirt paths, up hills surrounded by tall grasses and rocks. We ended up at a small war memorial with a stunning view of the lake. On our way back down, we were giddy from all that we had seen over our trip, and a bit sad that tomorrow the train would take us back to Florence. The trail took us through an old tiny village, and in one front garden stood a huge tree, heavy with ripe figs. Knowing that we were hungry, our guide asked its owner if we could each taste a fig. He welcomed us all to reach up and pluck a piece of fruit. 

The first bite of that fig would come to exemplify how I would choose to live the rest of my life. I would always seek out a life rich with the mixture of savory and sweet flavors, and deep like the colors purple, leaf green and rosy pink. I would take the adventurous path, filled with new and intriguing people. I would appreciate the little packages that the big wonders in life can come in. When my path took me to a place where I could achieve a life’s dream of launching my own business, a name that reflected the place from where it all started seemed apropos. The intention behind this company is to help small businesses discover what moves them to serve their clients, and the unique value they bring. The first step along that journey is to come from a place of authenticity ourselves, reflected in our brand.

Hence the name Fresh Figs Marketing.

Fresh Figs Marketing Lake Como

Fresh Figs Marketing
  • Cynthia Schultz
    Posted at 11:51h, 06 October Reply

    Jennifer I just loved your fresh fig naming story; you are figgin’ awesome! All the best, Oma.

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